Classroom Website: ONE TWEAK that CHANGED My Year…

Over the past years, I’ve increased my “classroom website” presence… and USE! My classroom is currently a 1:1 classroom, which means I have a laptop for every student. This has been a blessing in many ways… but has also provided it’s fair share of teacher AND student frustrations! Anyhoo…

This summer I decided to make a few changes to my classroom website, which were inspired by a few of my biggest frustrations that surfaced throughout the previous school year. So here is the first of many:

Frustration #1:

“I turned that in! Why does it say it’s still missing in the gradebook?” -said EVERY student ever…

This sheds light on one of the problems with using a digital classroom model. Students can tend to turn things in late (usually when they realize that their lack of turning something in has adversely affected their grade) and I didn’t have any system or process in place that allowed me to be notified of their late submission. Therefore, their “missing grade” would stay in the gradebook until they approached me about it. It was just pure chaos and I couldn’t keep up with going back to find the assignment, grading it and then putting it in the gradebook for each student.

To say the least, I was questioning this 1:1 classroom thing….

Classroom Website Tweak/Solution #1:

To eliminate this problem, I used Google Forms to create a “Late/Missing Assignment” form that I directly embedded in to a page on my classroom website. You can see it below (and also make a copy of it to customize for your own classroom website): (2).png


This has allowed me to have all of my students “late/missing assignments” in one spreadsheet (form results) and I can go in and grade/enter grades in the gradebook for all students at one time! I usually do it on Fridays and students know that that’s when they can expect grades to be updated! See what the form “data” looks like below: (1)

What do you think? I would love it if you’d share any “Classroom Website” wisdom that you’ve come across in the comments below!!






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