SBAC State Testing: Test Prep for my 8th Graders

sbac_testprep copyAs teachers, we’re reminded every day that “testing season” is upon us – whether we want to be believe it, embrace it or deny it 🙂 Last year, teachers provided feedback on a few of my favorite test-prep activities for middle school and here is what they had to say:

1. ELA Common Core Task Cards – MEGA Bundle – 326 Task Cards – Grades 7-12

ScreenShot-2017-Mar-28-648-PMScreenShot-2017-Mar-28-649-PM24 Task Cards – Context Clues and Determining Word Meaning – CCSS L.6-12.4ScreenShot-2017-Mar-28-652-PM

36 “Informational Text” Common Core Task Cards – ANY Text -Critical Thinking

2017-03-28 at 6.54 PM

2017-03-28 at 6.56 PM

You can find all of the things I’ve created in hopes of making test prep fun and engaging HERE!






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