March 28, 2023 8:07 am

I am fortunate to have created many resources that have helped teachers much like myself in their classrooms. I’ve done this by uploading my original lesson plans and activities to my TPT store for other educators to purchase or download for free! I would have NEVER imagined that I could sell many of my best practices and actually rake in a decent amount of money. But let’s get one thing straight before we continue: I create these products – not merely for the money – but because I truly believe that an education is the most powerful thing  a student can receive. And I try over-and-over again to find ways to better educate our youth!

Anyhoo! After spending days upon days in the seller’s forum, I keep asking myself the same questions in regard the products I have for sale:

“What information or “things” do potential customers want to see on the cover of a TPT product?”

“Why do some products sell so much better than others?”

“What types of resources are they most in need of?

Today I want to do a little experiment… but I am going to need YOUR help… I am revamping my favorite “back to school” activity because I am surprised at the very low conversion rate this product is receiving:

Instagram Task Cards for "Back to School"- 33 Cards and 5
Current Product Cover

Instagram Task Cards for “Back to School”- 33 Cards and 5 Answer Sheets

I’ve started thinking that maybe this isn’t an effective product cover… Maybe it doesn’t capture the FUN, ENGAGING activity that sits behind it?

So here is what I am going to ask you to do… Take a look at the three different product covers that I’ve recently created for my Instagram “Back to School” task cards and vote for the cover that best catches your eye and makes you want to click to see more of the product!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE – with a cherry on top :)

Cover 1 (Original)
Cover 2
Cover 3








By Ms. G

I am the AVID coordinator for the Clark Intermediate (grades 7-8), as well as an AVID elective teacher and an 8th grade English Language Arts/History teacher! Whew... that is a mouthful! My goal, each and every day, is for all of my students to walk out of my classroom feeling GREAT about themselves! Don't get me wrong - I focus on rigorous lesson design and the expectations of my students are extremely high, but I attempt to build a personal relationship with each one of them right from the start!