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This is my sixth year teaching English (at some grade level) and I have YET to successfully implement daily starters in my English class throughout the year. I always start strong – but then the inevitable happens…. I wake up unorganized and it’s all I can do to get my head on and lesson plan together – let alone a relevant daily starter! So what happens? The daily starter routine takes a back seat and usually never returns throughout the year.

I’ve created an entire school year’s worth of daily starters that can be used in any English class ranging from grades 7-12!

These starters come in two formats to fit your classroom: printable and digital (PowerPoint presentation)! You can use these a ZILLION different ways can even get multiple uses out of them in the same year. I am going to use some of them as EXIT SLIPS or SPONGE activities during semester one of this upcoming school year. For example, I just released my all-new 32 Response to Quote Task Cards: Writing – Many Uses – PPT + Printables, which is included in this bundle.


These warm ups target five different skill/content categories and are all CCSS aligned:

Reading Literature (RL)

Reading Information (RI)

Context Clues (L)

Creative Writing (W) *Which is one of my personal favorites!

Response to Quotations (W)

I have individual task card sets for each of the concepts/skills listed above in my TPT store!

Most of the warm up tasks have the exact standard that is being targeted listed on the actual task.

Cover page

I think it would be worth your while to check this system out… especially if you’re “daily starter” history is anything like mine 🙂

I will be posting a very detailed “Daily Starter Procedure and Practices” outline in the VERY near future! 😉 Hope this helps…


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