My Latest Modge Podge Project: Filing Cabinets Decaupaged with Book Pages

When I walked into my classroom for the first time this year, the first thing I laid my eyes on were the FIVE mismatched (in color and in height) filing cabinets standing against the largest wall in the classroom. I instantly thought, “There is no way that I am going to be able to mask those “army green” and “royal blue” eyesores – let alone transform them into something that acts as a focal point for my, now infamous, “Travel Themed Classroom”! The depression and discouraging thoughts hit hard… This is what I was dealing with…

Old, Dingy Filing Cabinets

Then it hit me….. I saw my good ol’ bottle of Modge Podge and my mind started running with ideas. Because I teach English 9, I thought what better way to disguise these horrendous things than with pages from a book! I quickly grabbed the essentials: a few old and worn “Freak the Mighty” books (which already had pages missing), a bottle of Modge Podge and an old paintbrush! A few hours and ten sticky fingers later, this is the transformation that my good ol’ filing cabinets had made!

Modge Podge File Cabinets Decaupage File Cabinets DIY File Cabinets

Oh yeah – and somewhere along the way I had the bright idea to bribe my little brother to come and help me “Modge Podge”! He loved it and we were able to knock out three of these beastly filing cabinets in about 4 hours (with three bottles of Modge Podge and about 5 “Freak the Mighty” books)!!! If you want to see what else I’ve created for my “Travel Themed Classroom” this summer, check out my decoupaged letters, “Reading Will Take You Places” bunting and my decoupaged storage bins!




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