Motivation Monday… Ehhh – Wait… It’s Tuesday!

I’m not going to let my “summer brain” stop me from being highly-motivated this week! “New Teacher” orientation kicks off tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! I was in Office Max this morning (having some MORE classroom decor printed and laminated) and I noticed they are currently having a huge sale on printing and laminating (specifically custom posters)! Wooo hooo! I figured I that should take advantage of this and started looking for a few motivational posters that I might like to add to my classroom…. and, of course, posters that tie in seamlessly with my “Travel Themed Classroom”! 🙂

After hours of searching, I found some things that I loved and I thought it might be helpful to share them in one place (aka this blog post):

be a somebody.

1. “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” – Kid President – I loved this because it’s so true and applies to children, adolescents, teenagers and adults alike! I know that fuzzy feeling I get when someone goes out of their way to make me feel special and/or important and it’s important that we all make an effort to pass that feeling on! I think this will be a good reminder for my students! This was just a Pinterest Pin that I found but I think I’ll create my own poster that sports this quote in PowerPoint (Yes, I am a PowerPoint junkie)!

I'm putting this up in my classroom!

2. “In this classroom we DON’T do EASY. We make EASY happen through HARD WORK and LEARNING!” This is another motivational poster I found on Pinterest. I love this because sometimes I even find MYSELF looking for the EASY way to do something! This year I want to instill a STRONG work ethic in all of my students so that each of them feels the best that they can when they see themselves succeeding!

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.17.34 PM

3. Motivational Posters Bundle: I found this bundle of motivational posters on Teachers Pay Teachers! I don’t know if I will necessarily purchase it for my room (doesn’t really jive with my theme) but I wanted to share it with others! With a price tag of only $1, this is STEAL and a time-saver! Download, print, laminate (optional) and POST! It’s all done for you!

Slide01{Click on Image to See More}

4. Motivational Bunting – Something New: Some of you might have read or discovered that I’ve been on a “bunting” kick this summer and I just can’t stop! I am going to have so many buntings designed and created by the time school starts that I am not going to have a clue as what to do with them! You can check out the first bunting I created this summer here: Reading Takes You Places Bunting. Again, since this is “Motivation Tuesday”, I decided to create a new type of bunting: Classroom Buntings that Motivate! You can check this out here: Motivational “INSPIRE” Vintage Bunting. Again, this is a digital file that you can simply download, print, cut/laminate, attach to a ribbon/string and immediately hang in your classroom! It doesn’t get much easier than that! Here are a few more pics of my latest creation 🙂 I think it’s going to fit just perfect in my new classroom!

Slide02 Slide03 Slide04signature


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