Crafter’s Corner: Vintage and Travel Themed CCSS Standard Posters + “I Can..” Statements

Good morning guys! Seeing that it’s “summer vacation”, I should be able to say I’m overly rested and itching to tackle my “to do” list – but…. I stayed up WAYYY past my bed time “crafting”! No, I wasn’t decoupaging letters or creating another travel themed bunting – I was actually “digitally crafting”!

Last year, I wrote the appropriate CCSS standard we were covering on the board every day. While it didn’t seem TOO time consuming, I was also rushing to get it done before the morning bell would ring! I’ve seen different teachers blog about “CCSS standards posters” and wanted to see what it was all about!

After a few hours of extensive research, I set out to create my own 9th-10th grade CCSS ELA Posters! But I didn’t stop there…. I was on such a “roll” that I thought to myself, “Why not create some handy “I can…” posters to go with the standard posters? They would really make our learning objectives more clear to my students!” Sooooo… I made those at the same time as well! Of course, I followed my “Travel Themed Classroom” look and set the standards and “I can…” statements on an old vintage “tag”! I thought it looked great without being too “busy” or obnoxious! What do you think?

Travel Themed CCSS Posters CCSS Posters 9th-10th Grade thumb3 thumb4

Does anyone else use standards posters in their classrooms? I’ve got them all printed out and I’m taking them to be laminated right after I finish this post! Wooo hooo!



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