Travel Themed Classrooom: My Favorite Classroom Bunting Yet!

Today I finished yet another “project” in hopes of one day fulfilling my “vision” of a Travel themed classroom (with an “older” look)! I created these bunting graphics using PowerPoint and clip art that I purchased online. You can download this file for FREE here: Reading Will Take You Places Bunting! Just tryin’ to share the wealth 😉

After printing and laminating the file, I simply bought some black ribbon (on sale) and a spool of “twine” and went to work!

TIP: Do yourself a favor and print any bunting that you plan to hang in your classroom on quality card-stock paper! It will display FAR BETTER and last your MANY SCHOOL YEARS TO COME. Check out my preferred card-stock option here: Neenah Cardstock, 8.5″ x 11″, Heavy-Weight, White, 94 Brightness, 300 Sheets (91437)

And if you’re going with a neon-theme classroom this year: consider using my favorite Astrobrights Color Paper to print your new classroom bunting on!

I used hot glue to attach the first two buntings to the black ribbon and then (as you can see) simply “clothes pinned” the third line of bunting to the twine! I can’t believe how well it turned out! I can’t wait to add this to my classroom wall and let it shine among my other “travel themed” classroom decor! Let me know what you think!

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6 responses to “Travel Themed Classrooom: My Favorite Classroom Bunting Yet!”

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  4. rcsmclibrary Avatar

    Thank you so much! We will be using this bunting in our library this month.

  5. Saved you a Spot Avatar

    I’m looking to do a travel theme this year in my classroom. I like the older look as I teach Grade 6, it’s hard to avoid it looking too babyish… Any tips?

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