“Creating a Travel Themed Classroom” Project #2: Name in Decorative Wooden Letters

So after taking a “decorative tour” on Pinterest decorative wooden letters seem to be all the rage right now. And if that’s the case… I NEED them in my new classroom! Since I am on a mission to create a “Travel Themed Classroom” to accompany my “Reading Will Take YOU Places” anthem, I first created “READ” wooden letters, which were covered in maps.

After I completed the “READ” letters, I was HOOKED on “decoupaging”! Trust me when I say: I AM NOT AN ARTS ‘N CRAFTS kind of person…. but this just might be the “craft” that changes that 🙂 I decided I wanted to do a more “chic” set of paper mache letters sportin’ my name (I go by “Ms. G” but my new love for decoupaging compelled me to create all 12 LETTERS of Ms. Groeneveld)!

Drum roll please…..

Classroom Decoupage Letters IMG_4323I followed the same process that I did when making the “READ” letters (which you can find here) except that I only applied the paper (different patterns and textures) to the front of the letter. In order to do that with precision, it’s crucial that you carefully trace the shape of the letter on the back of the paper that you plan on applying to it. It’s also very important that you take great care when cutting the letter out. Crooked edges and the like will not produce the greatest letter. I painted the sides of the paper mache letters with plain, black acrylic paint. This really made the different patterned paper “POP” out!

Are you trying to create a “Travel Themed Classroom” as well? Check out some ideas I’ve found on Pinterest!



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