All New Back to School Activities for Middle and High School Students

Yes, it’s that time again… “Back to School” is just around the corner! As a high school teacher, this has always been an exciting time for me! I love getting my classroom and teaching resources shined up and ready to welcome another class of students!

With that being said, I’ve spent a lot of time this summer creating new lesson plans and activities to use in my classroom this year! As you may know, I am a social media “junkie” and I capitalize on every opportunity I get to incorporate social media components into my lessons and classroom activities! If you’re interested in bringing different elements of social media into your classroom, check out my FREE guide to using Instagram in the classroom: How to Use Instagram in Your Classroom – A Resource for the Modern Teacher

Here are just a few of my newest “Back to School” activities:

Back to School Caricature Activity Back to School Activities Back to School Activities Middle School Back to School Activities

That’s all for now!



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